Rumor Has It … My own thoughts on Apple’s upcoming releases

Ok … my own Rumor round up for upcoming Apple releases.  Ignore as appropriate.

iPhone 5

  • "One phone to rule them all".  iPhone 5 will be one design that works across all carriers, external case similar to the CDMA phone.  Most rumors agree on this.
  • 1080p back camera.  MAYBE a 720p front camera.
  • Apple A5 chip capable of 1080p video out (similar to the iPad 2)
  • No Change in SSD storage capacity.  Will remain 16 / 32 / 64
  • Probably no 30pin magsafe connector (probably next year)
  • Wider screen is a Maybe.  I don’t think they would change the overall width of the device.  I would certainly screw with all existing 3rd party docks.
  • Some ridiculous new sensor that iOS 5 can take advantage of with the new A5 processor

Apple TV 3

  • A5 chip with 1080p output
  • Apple TV app store launch or at least additional apps available (maybe Hulu Plus?)

iPod Touch

  • A5 chip
  • 1080p back camera, maybe 720p front camera
  • New sensor same as iPhone
  • a change in the pricing structure

iPod Nano

  • No real upgrades

iPod shuffle

  • Discontinued.  With the introduction of the iPod nano with the same form factor, there’s no real reason why Apple wouldn’t drop this line.  The nano will see a price drop along with the iPod Touch.

iPod Classic

  • Discontinued.  As Apple believes less and less in moving parts and with the move to the cloud, there will be no need for the iPod Classic.   

"Low End" iPhone… 8GB iPhone

  • More than likely the 8GB version of the iPhone 4 or 3GS will be the “low end” version that will be in the sub 300 range with no contract / free on contract. 

iPad 3

  • Nothing … Apple will more than likely move it’s iPad updates to the same time frame as all it’s other iOS updates.  Don’t expect anything in March.